Various modern jewellery, secondhand and stock lots.


Bed linen, blankets, throws, towels, curtains, table cloths.


Various small household items, secondhand and stock lots

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Our Range

We are offering a wide variety of clothes and shoes - secondhand and stocks - for women, men and kids. Our range also includes "bric-a-brac", toys, electronics, household textile, and jewellery.

Kramer International /
Iskra Commerce

We are a British company, established in 2000, specialising in collecting and sorting secondhand clothes.

Our range includes sorted secondhand cream quality, unsorted original and new stock lots with well-known labels.

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he prices in our price list are in Pounds Sterling, not including transport.

We can find a suitable transport for you if you need it.

Payments can be done in Pounds, Euros or Dollars.

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